The VelveTouch Advantage

  • Reduce Your Fleets' Cost Per Mile
  • Improve Vehicle Stopping Power
  • Minimize Vehicle Noise Output
  • Extend Vehicle Uptime

VelveTouch Carbon Semi-Metallic disc brake pads utilize an innovative carbon semi-metallic brake friction formulation designed to lower your overall brake maintenance costs, provide superior stopping performance, and have a longer service life. 

Achieving maximum braking performance is easy when you select VelveTouch disc brakes for your Fleet featuring:

Extended Pad & Rotor Life
On-vehicle and laboratory tests show that VelveTouch Carbon Semi-Metallic brake pads significantly improve pad life and rotor durability when compared to traditional replacement pads.  VelveTouch Carbon Semi-Metallic brake pads can operate at temperatures 200 to 400 degrees hotter than traditional replacement pads without significant friction loss.  VelveTouch Life

Innerlock Mechanical Bond System
Hundreds of small extruded hooks are molded directly into the friction material to provide a superior bond and shear strength.


High Quality Pad Design
VelveTouch brake pads are first coated with corrosion resistant zinc oxide and then finished with high temperature powder coat paint that provides a smooth brake engagement surface.

VelveTouch brake pads also feature, where applicable, noise dampening shims, chamfers and stress relief slots.

Quality Manufacturing Guarantee
VelveTouch disc brake pads are manufactured in an ISO/TS certified facility located in the USA.

Safety Assurance
VelveTouch’s Carbon Semi-Metallic formulation was one of the first materials to pass the FMVSS 135 test. Most aftermarket brands have not passed this test or the older, less severe, FMVSS 105 test.



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VelveTouch Disc Brake Pads
Setting A New Standard In Braking Performance With Every Stop menu graphic
VelveTouch Disc Brake Pads Product Photo
VelveTouch Disc Brake Pads Product Photo
VelveTouch Disc Brake Pads Product Photo
VelveTouch Disc Brake Pads Product Photo