VelveTouch Friction Materials

Carbon Semi-Metallic disc brake pads are designed for severe-duty automotive and truck fleet applications.

This unique formulation combines the performance and heat resistance of carbon fiber composites with the durability of traditional semi-metallic brake pads.

Choose from two VelveTouch Fleet Carbon Semi-Metallic compounds:
F1 – Class 1 through 3 Automotive and Truck Fleets
F3 – Class 2 through 6 Commercial Truck Fleets

Key Features of  VelveTouch Carbon Semi-Metallic Fleet Disc Brakes:

  • Extended Pad Life: Up to 40% improved pad life, minimizing annual brake changes per vehicle.
  • Extended Rotor Life: A micro-carbon transfer film applies to the rotor surface, improving life and minimizing rotor warpage and heat cracking.
  • Noise Pollution: Where applicable, VelveTouch brake pads feature advanced noise dampening shims, chamfers and stress relief slots.
  • Safety:
    • Fade Resistance: VelveTouch Carbon-Semi Metallic compound operates 200 to 400 degrees hotter than traditional replacement pads without significant friction loss.
    • Bond: In addition to chemical and standard mechanical bonding methods, VelveTouch developed the INNERLOCK system (see Fig. 1 and Fig. 2) for advanced strength and bond, which features hundreds of small extruded hooks that are molded directly into the friction material.

VelveTouch Innerlock System


Fig. 1 Top View



Fig. 2 Side View

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VelveTouch Disc Brake Pads
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VelveTouch Disc Brake Pads Product Photo
VelveTouch Disc Brake Pads Product Photo
VelveTouch Disc Brake Pads Product Photo
VelveTouch Disc Brake Pads Product Photo