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VelveTouch OE Grade Friction Solutions

Six Reasons To Specify VelveTouch

For nearly a century, Carlisle Brake & Friction has been the leading global supplier of friction materials for off-highway and on-highway heavy equipment.  Under the VelveTouch brand, Carlisle offers superior friction solutions for the most severe brake, clutch, transmission and motion control applications.

What makes VelveTouch brand products better?

  • Original Equipment Heritage - Carlisle Brake & Friction is a strategic global OE supplier to the biggest names in the business.  As the leading OE supplier, Carlisle truly sets the standards for quality, performance and durability in the market.
  • Design Engineering - When it comes to form, fit and function, VelveTouch brand products are second to none.  The combination of our world-class manufacturing, OE expertise, superior materials development and advanced application engineering provides only the highest grade products in the market.  Don't settle for low cost, will-fit parts - demand VelveTouch brand OE grade products.
  • Quality Assurance - Carlisle's OE and aftermarket VelveTouch brand friction products are manufactured in the same TS & ISO certified manufacturing facilities.  VelveTouch brand products will meet or exceed your customer's quality expectations.
  • Lifetime Warranty - Purchase VelveTouch brand friction parts with confidence.  We back all of our products with a lifetime warranty for form, fit and workmanship.  Take the risk out of purchasing replacement parts and specify VelveTouch.  We stand behind our products!
  • Reduce Annual Operating Costs - When it comes to durability, VelveTouch brand products outlast the competition.  Extended friction life means less equipment downtime and lower annual operating costs.  Don't get misled by cheap aftermarket brands, specify VelveTouch to increase your profits.
  • Global Customer Care - The sun never sets on Carlisle Brake & Friction.  We operate numerous manufacturing, distribution and customer service centers in the United States, Europe, And Asia.  Get the winning combination of superior products and support - specify VelveTouch brand friction products.



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