Friction Materials

Paper, Graphitic, Metallic, Steel, Semi-Metallic, Organic and Specialty

Carlisle Brake and Friction maintains the largest selection of diverse friction material technologies in the marketplaces! Our VelveTouch aftermarket product line reflects our expertise to effectively apply these friction technologies to a plethora of motion control applications & vehicles.

Carlisle Brake and Friction is working to meet your future needs today. We continually invest in the development of new materials and processes to find solutions for your specific applications. Based on decades of application engineering knowledge, our VelveTouch aftermarket product line lists specific friction materials for each individual application to ensure proper performance.

VelveTouch Material Technologies:

  • Carbon Cloth
  • Carbon Composites
  • Ceramic
  • Cork
  • Elastomeric
  • Graphitic
  • Metallic (Iron, Bronze & Copper based formulations)
  • Organic (NAO- Non Asbestos Organic)
  • Paper (Organic, Graphitic, Carbon, low met)
  • Semi-Metallic (Low met, high met, Ceramic & Carbon)
  • Steel (low to high carbon steels)


Transmission, Clutch, Dry Brake, Wet Brake & Motion Control Systems for Aerospace, Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, Industrial Equipment, Material Handing, Military, Mining, Motorsports, On-highway Truck, Off-highway Truck, Performance Automotive and Powersports (Motorcycle, ATV & Snowmobile) markets.

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