Steel Opposing Plates

Friction Materials - Steel

VelveTouch aftermarket steel opposing plates are engineered and manufactured to the same quality standards as original equipment products.

Steel opposing plate quality is critical to the durability & performance of friction discs and motion control systems.  VelveTouch steel opposing plates are manufactured with only the highest quality hot & cold rolled steel.  Wellman's state of the art stamping presses and high speed laser cutting equipment produce both aftermarket and original equipment parts.  All steel opposing plates go through additional secondary operations and quality inspections to ensure proper flatness, parallelism, surface conditioning, structural strength and fitment.

Don't be fooled by low cost, will fit replacement spares.  Proper gear cutting, heat treating, surface conditioning, dimensional tolerances and over all quality control are constantly over looked by "will fit" aftermarket suppliers. Specify VelveTouch and get the OE Grade steel opposing plate solution.

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